This director is troubled with the states of humanity and the state of the world!

He is not quite pleased with the way things are headed. He observes those who stand at the edge of life, who experience everything in undertones; stories of repressed, broken people; always dilemmas, traumas... He recounts what he wants to say about them effectively via cinema.

He likes creating stories on subjects for which the demand is not yet ready. He looks at his characters from within. He creates internal games with the opportunities provided by light and shadow. He builds his cinema while settling accounts with himself.

We first met Yusuf Kurçenli when he came to prominence with successful films on TRT (Turkish Radio Television) between 1973 and 1980. Afterwards, a dozen films which have internal unity moved on as if they were a single story. He worked in detail; received awards in national and international competitions; he has contributed to numerous people of cinema who enrich Turkish cinema today.

A long-running journey beginning with And Recep and Zehra and Ayşe, continuing with such films as Gramophone, Blackout Nights, The Disintegration, Unsent Letters, and finally arriving at Ask Your Heart...
– Nesteren Davutoğlu