Zeki Alasya is one of the rare actors who have not lost touch with their inner child. Acting with him is a beautiful adventure, because anything can happen at any given moment. I am such one person who has experienced this many times. It was from him that I learned to entertain both the spectators and myself on stage. Just as his first name suggests, Alasya is an intelligent person. His contribution to the success of the long-lived Devekuşu Kabare Tiyatrosu (Devekuşu Cabaret Theatre) is immense. (Of course, at this point we also need to mention [great stage artists associated with the same theater] Haldun Taner, Metin Akpınar, Ahmet Gülhan.) I learned a lot at the Devekuşu Cabaret Theatre. Just like me, I imagine many other actors, too, have learned a lot. Another strong aspect of Alasya is his literary side. He has written wonderful skits. Besides all this, he is skilled at stage design. He reads a lot and is very competent. He is a very good director. He is a wonderful friend. I salute this masterly actor in the classical way: Hail to you master Zeki!
–Ayşen Gruda