Factory of Masterpieces: Kubrick

The Istanbul Film Festival will celebrate the talent and legacy of one of the most influential filmmakers of the world, Stanley Kubrick, in the 20th anniversary of his death, presenting his complete feature-length filmography with the kind contribution of US Embassy Ankara. From his first feature Fear and Desire the distribution of which he had tried to stop, to Eyes Wide Shut, his last film before his untimely death, all his 13 feature-length films are presented within this retrospective. As a source of inspiration to many contemporary filmmakers, Stanley Kubrick has made his mark in cinema history as a master director and genius. He is well known for his meticulousness, sternness on set, perfectionism, uncompromising creative command, the importance he placed on technological developments and his originality, all of which has resulted in spectacular movies. His technical prowess, ideals, and creative genius will be discussed at this panel.

Panelists: Kutlukhan Kutlu, Ahmet Rıfat Şungar, Natali Yeres

Moderator: Ali Deniz Şensöz

April 12 Nisan Cuma Friday 16.00
Mithat Alam Film Merkezi Sinema Salonu
Boğaziçi Üniversitesi
Güney Kampüs, Bebek


Composers & Directors Meeting

Presented by LU Records:
What is the path to a good film music? Where does the director stand during this process and to what extent is his involvement? What are the differences between independent and mainstream films with respect to the production processes and approach to score? What is musical dramaturgy? We will ponder upon these questions and more with musicians and directors who have collaborated in many projects, and discuss all the details of the film production process through sound and music.

Yekta Kopan (moderator)
Ahmet Kenan Bilgiç (musician, producer)
Tolga Karaçelik (director, producer)
Ömer Ahunbay (musician, producer)
Kıvanç Baruönü (director)
Ender Akay (, musician, producer)
Ezel Akay (,director, producer)

April 7 Nisan Pazar Sunday 16.00
Salon İKSV
Sadi Konuralp C. No: 5


What's a Good Festival Anyway?

In the audiovisual universe, viewing and exhibition practices, forms, and perceptions have swiftly changed and are changing due to technological advances, the Internet, data storage and transfer. This transformation has affected all parties in the film industry including the viewers. Then, how has this transformation process in production and distribution influences film festivals? What future awaits the festivals? An advisor to the festival, film critic Engin Ertan will moderate the discussion along these issues, keeping in mind and trying to answer “what’s a good festival, anyway” together with Anna Hoffmann, Berlinale Forum programme manager and a juror at the festival; Berlinale European Film Market director Matthijs Wouter Knol, also a juror; Istanbul Film Festival director Kerem Ayan and Meetings on the Bridge head Gülin Üstün.

April 14 Nisan Pazar Sunday 14.00
Yapı Kredi Kültür Sanat
İstiklal C. 161 Beyoğlu


Ümit Ünal

Heading the National Competition jury this year, Ümit Ünal is a film director, writer, and screenwriter, an interdisciplinary artist whose photographs will be on exhibition during the festival this year. The films he wrote and later wrote and directed are have been winning awards globally. He has published five books: a collection of short stories, three novels, and an autobiography. As an artist/illustrator his credits include two personal exhibitions and three illustrated books. At this festival chat which will be moderated by film critic Nil Kural–also an advisor to the Festival–Ümit Ünal will meet with fans and viewers to reveal his creative processes in film-literature-photography-painting, his journey from script to screen, and his long-lasting relation to the festival.

April 13 Nisan Cumartesi Saturday 16.00
Yapı Kredi Kültür Sanat
İstiklal C. 161 Beyoğlu


Andreas Sinanos

A jury member of the National Competition this year, Andreas Sinanos has worked with many esteemed directors including Özcan Alper, Semih Kaplanoğlu, Tayfun Pirselimoğlu from Turkey; Vassiliki Iliopoulou, Yiannis Diamantopoulos, Christos Vacalopoulos, Nikos Cornelios, and Lefteris Xanthopoulos from Greece, and foremost with Theo Angelopoulos in eight of his films as director of photography. At this festival chat, Sinanos, together with academic and writer Aslı Selçuk, share his views on his art, tips on cinematography and his relation with the great master Angelopoulos.

April 15 Nisan Pazartesi Monday 16.00
Yapı Kredi Kültür Sanat
İstiklal C. 161 Beyoğlu


Lynne Ramsay

Her latest film You Were Never Really Here, starring Joaquin Phoenix, premiered at Cannes 2017 to critical acclaim. The multi-awarded We Need to Talk About Kevin was the only British film nominated for the Palm d'Or in official competition in 2011 at Cannes. Her debut feature Ratcatcher will be screened at the festival on 14 April 13.30. At this festival chat with academic and film critic Melis Behlil, Istanbul Film Festival’s International Competition jury president Lynne Ramsay will talk about her career path, film language, the digital age, and #timesup and #metoo movements.

April 11 Nisan Perşembe Thursday 19.00
Boğaziçi Üniversitesi Rektörlük Konferans Salonu (eski kütüphane)
Güney Kampüs, Bebek

Limited capacity. Please send an e-mail to or call +90 212 359 46 77-78 to register.


Ümit Ünal – Photographs

In this exhibition organised parallel to the Istanbul Film Festival, Istanbul Concept Gallery introduces a selection of new artworks of a filmmaker, underpinned by his literature-infused outlook on the outside world. We welcome film director, screenwriter Ümit Ünal, the jury president of the Istanbul Film Festival this time with his photography. The exhibition presents 65 carefully selected photos taken by Ünal since 2012. All the images were captured with the camera on his own personal smartphone–some, instants from his journeys, some long haul, some short; some images are snapshots of daily yet curious observations, along with others that verge on abstract paintings. The exhibition also includes nine examples of Ünal’s portraiture photography. The selection promises his instantly recognizable visual aesthetics to those who are familiar with Ümit Ünal’s films, books and paintings while a brand-new world will welcome fans and newcomers alike.

April 3-20 Nisan
İstanbul Concept Gallery
Tomtom Mahallesi
Nur-u Ziya Sokak, No: 27
(Fransız Sarayı karşısı), Beyoğlu