With his alluring looks and profound cornflower blue eyes Ahmet Mekin has immortalised the characters he played. Because of his eye-catching good looks he immediately started his career in cinema as a leading man, but he preferred the more difficult character roles that left a lasting impression. His confidence in his craft and his ease in front of the camera made him a commanding presence on screen.

A film is carried by strong characters. Ahmet Mekin puts audiences under a spell with powerful performances he gives in every role he takes on. The prime example of this is his portrayal of Cemşit in The Girl with the Red Scarf. A road builder and a man of integrity, Cemşit is played with such authenticity by Mekin that is integral to the film’s popularity. He garners widespread respect with his years of hard work in the film industry, culture and personal life, and with his characteristic face which only becomes more expressive as years go by he will surely continue to create memorable roles. He is one of my beloved colleagues. Unfortunately, we only had the chance to work in a few films together. He is a true friend who is principled, honest and leads a humble life. I am proud that he is my colleague.
– Türkan Şoray