Metin Akpınar is one of the most outstanding actors of the last 40 years of Turkish theatre. His particular talent, his specialty in moulding [his characters], his ability to meticulously analyse the characters he portrays, his superb comprehension of his audience, and his discipline on stage has crowned him with a place among the masters of Turkish theatre. He has conveyed these qualities to Ertem Eğilmez’ films and to the movies he made with Zeki Alasya. He earned a place in the hearts of millions of cinemagoers with the numerous films he has made.

Metin is a philosopher. He takes pleasure in sharing and discussing his humanism, his ethic understanding, and his worldview, which he has gained and developed since his youth with his friends during hours-long dinners. He is straightforward. He always stands behind his words. He despises lies and trickery.

I met Metin in 1963. In 1965, we started working together at the Ulvi Uraz Theatre. In 1967, Haldun Taner, Zeki Alasya, Metin and I founded the Devekuşu Kabare Tiyatrosu (Devekuşu Cabaret Theatre). We learned a lot from Ulvi Uraz; we taught each other a lot in Devekuşu. We brought up quite many stars from our theatre. During our 15-year-long friendship, we never broke each other’s heart and we never disappointed each other.

As friends close like brothers, Metin and I shared what was dear to us. He had a home in my house and I had a home in his. We parted ways in 1978. Although we see each other rarely, Metin is still my oldest friend. Greetings, master Metin!
–Ahmet Gülhan