Hendrik Hoefgen, Mephisto’s actor who sold his soul to the Nazis; Alfred, the ambitious officer of Colonel Redl, the cursed oracle of Hanussen... These characters from Hungarian director Istvan Szabo’s famed CentralEuropean Trilogy situates master actor Klaus Maria Brandauer in a special place in the history of world cinema. Yet we know of his early and later successes on theatre stages, works in opera, and his Hollywood adventure. He was nominated for the Oscars with his role as the good-for-nothing husband in Out of Africa (1985), he entertained us as the magnificent enemy in the unofficial James Bond adaptation Never Say Never Again. He was immediately recognised even with his small role as the scientist in Russian House (1990). His extraordinary good looks and striking blue eyes instantly drew attention, yet at the end of the day he is an exceptional artist whose talent brings standing ovation. Hence his decision to not waste time in the US is too understandable. It is obvious that he would return back to his real European artist and intellectual roots, to the theatre stage. His passion for theatre which began in 1960s has never ceased, he has also worked behind the camera in his cinema career which began in 1970s. Five years after his feature directing debut Georg Elser-Einer aus Deutschland in 1989, he stood out with Mario und der Zauberer / Mario and the Magician. He is impressive with his roles in TV films, and with exceptional performances such as in Rembrandt (1999). This exceptional artist does not neglect participating in projects such as In Search of Freedom, in which he performed as the narrator, and which was staged within 35th International İstanbul Music Festival. Klaus Maria Brandauer is a unique and complete artist in his versatility.
– Esin Küçüktepepınar