The 8th edition of German - Turkish Co-production Development Fund supports 5 film projects

The German-Turkish Co-Production Development Fund, created through the collaboration of Istanbul Film Festival - Meetings on the Bridge, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, and Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein Film Funds, and with the support of the Republic of Turkey's Ministry of Tourism and Culture, met during the 26th Hamburg Film Festival for a funding session.

The selection committee, which consists of representatives from the partner institutions, decided to support 5 projects among the 15 applications with the amount of 68.500 Euro.

The full list of funded projects:

  • Ceylan Özgün Özçelik - 18+  - 18.500 EURO
    Co-producers: Armağan Lale- Filmada, Titus Kreyenberg- Una Film
  • Gürcan Keltek - Yeni Şafak Solarken / New Dawn Fades – 7.000 EURO
    Co-producers: Gürcan Keltek, Arda Çiltepe- Gürcan Keltek Films, Stefan Gieren- The Storybay
  • Ali Kemal Çınar- Normal – 10.000 EURO
    Co-producers: Sinan Yusufoğlu, Nesra Gürbüz- Layen Film, Sophia Ayissi- Klinker Film
  • Selcen Ergun- Kar ve Ayı / Snow and the Bear- 18.000 EURO
    Co-producers: Nefes Polat- Nefes Films, Jancke Johannes- RivaFilm Produktion
  • Nazlı Elif Durlu- Zuhal – 15.000 EURO
    Co-producers: Annamaria Aslanoğlu- Istos Film, Jamila Wenske- One Two Films

The Medienboard, the Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein Film Fund and the Istanbul Film Festival - Meetings on the Bridge established the German-Turkish Co-Production Development Fund in 2011 with the aim of strengthening and supporting the cooperation between German and Turkish filmmakers.


Transformation of Series to Digital 2: Antologic Series

As a sequel to last year we continue this year’s transformation of series to digital with Turkey’s first antologic series.

11.00-12.00    Screening  7FACES “Big Sins”

12.15-13.30  Case Study on Scriptwriting and Production

Location: SOHO HOUSE

Speakers: Tunç Şahin (Director / Bir Film), Cihan Aslı Filiz (Producer / Bir Film), Sarp Kalfaoğlu (Content Director / BluTV)

Moderator: Ayça Çiftçi (Film Critic / Altyazı)

Case study on the production of 7FACES series that makes a difference with its content and production process with the director and the producers.

Transformations of Series to Digital 2

11.00-12.30  Screening Şahsiyet

12.45-14.00  Case Study on Scriptwriting and Production

Location: SOHO HOUSE

Speakers: Onur Saylak (Director), Hakan Günday (Scriptwriter), Kaan Tolga Değirmenci (Producer / Ay Yapım)

Moderator: Abbas Bozkurt (Writer / Sabitfikir)

Oblivion, murder and other stories. The new crime drama series “Şahsiyet” with the original plot and visual creativity will be on the spotlight. We’ll talk about the creative and the production process with the writer and director.


From the Idea to the Screen
14.30-16.10  Screening Inflame

16.30-18.00  Case Study

Location: SOHO HOUSE

Speakers: Ceylan Özgün Özçelik (Director), Armağan Lale (Producer / Filmada)

A road map for the young filmmakers developing their projects: The director and producer of Inflame which premiered at the 67th Berlin Film Festival Panorama will share the production and distribution story of the film.

15.00 16.30  Dont believe your ears!

Location: SOHO HOUSE
Speakers: Ayris Alptekin (Director Editor), Kerem Ayan (Director), Sertaç Toksöz (Co-Founder / Postbıyık), Taylan Oğuz (Co-Founder / Melodika), Yalın Özgencil  (Co-Founder / Postbıyık)

Moderator: Nadir Öperli (Producer / Liman Film)

Sound is one of the most effective elements whilst creating the atmosphere of the film. It leads our emotions, introduces the places and tells us the stories of the characters. It makes our experiences unique. Now we enter the world of sound post production with sound designers, mixers, editors and directors.

11.00 12.30  Co-Production: Are you ready?
Location: SOHO HOUSE

Speakers: Funda Ödemiş (Producer / Brothers), Selin Tezcan Vatansever (Producer / Saf), Serkan Çakarer (Producer / Passed by Censor)
Moderator: Emine Yıldırım (Producer / Sirens Call)            

Four producers share their experiences on the stages of artistic - financial European co-productions and the distribution process.

13.00 16.00  VR Experience: Thinking in a different format
* 15 people limited.

Location: CEZAYİR ROOM 1

Speakers: Carlos Hagerman (Director, Producer), İlker Çevikkaya (Head of Production / Timelooper), Müge Özen (Producer / Solis Film)
When we think of new technologies, we often talk of new cameras, technical aspects and how we could earn to use this new equipment, but we have to realize that the most important thing we need to learn is “the new ways” to tell a story.


10.00-11.00  Meet the Funds and the Markets
** There will be simultaneous translation.


Speakers: Eilon Ratzkovsky (TorinoFilmLab), Elise Jalladeau (Thessaloniki IFF), Fay Breeman (Hubert Bals Fund - IFF Rotterdam), Georges Goldenstern (Cinefondation), Katriel Schory (Israel Film Fund), Lindsay Peters (Frontieres), Martina Bleis (Connecting Cottbus), Ruxandra Cernat (Film TEEP), Signe Zeilich-Jensen (Netherlands Film Fund)

Moderator: Selin Murat (Parabola Films)

Fund and co-production market representatives share information about terms and conditions for submissions.

11.15-13.30 Meet the Festivals
** There will be simultaneous translation.
Speakers: Dorota Lech (Hot Docs) , Elma Tataragić (Sarajevo FF), Evrim Ersoy (Fantastic Fest), Freddy Olsson (Göteborg FF), Julia Sinkevych (Odesa IFF), Karel Och (Karlovy Vary IFF) , Lorenzo Esposito (Locarno FF), Orestis Andreadakis (Thessaloniki IFF), Paolo Bertolin (Venice FF), Pedja Milojevic (Trebinje Film Festival), Prune Engler (La Rochelle IFF), Sona Karapoghosyan (Golden Apricot IFF), Stefan Laudyn (Warsaw Film Festival), Tiina Lokk (Tallinn Black Nights FF), Yoshi Yatabe (Tokyo IFF) Zviad Eliziani (Batumi IAFF)

Moderator: Armağan Lale (Filmada)

International film festival representatives share information about terms and conditions for submissions.

15.30-17.00  Women in Film: What has changed until today and what is next?
** There will be simultaneous translation.

Speakers: Ceylan Özgün Özçelik (Director), Cia Edström (Head of Industry - Göteborg FF), Francine Raveney (Project Manager - Eurimages), Meltem Ağduk (Gender Programme Coordinator – UNFPA), Meryem Yavuz (Director of Photography), Müge Özen (Producer / Solis Film), Teresa Hoefert de Turegano (Funding Advisor - Medienboard Berlin)

Moderator: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Melis Behlil (Associate Professor - Kadir Has University)

We are discussing the changes that have taken place within the last 6 years since the radical steps taken by Anna Serner in film industry for gender equality as well as considering what is to do now.


10.00-11.00  Eurimages Hakkında Bilmek İstediğiniz Her ŞeyAll you need to know about Eurimages

** There will be simultaneous translation.


Speakers: Francine Raveney (Project Manager - Eurimages), Zülfikar Kürüm (Eurimages TR National Representative)

A call for producers to find the answers to their questions about the application process to Eurimages.

11.15-12.30  Documentary: Road to the festival
** There will be simultaneous translation.


Speakers: Carlos Hagerman (Director, Producer) Dorota Lech (Industry Programmer / Hot Docs), Niek Koppen (Director, Producer / Selfmade Films)

Moderator: Eytan İpeker (Editor, Director / Kamara Film)

We are discussing how the production process of a documentary affects the festival journey with director-producers and a festival programmer.

13.30-14.30  Editing: Creative Collaborations
** There will be simultaneous translation.

Speakers: Eytan İpeker (Editor, Director / Kamara Film)

How do the editor and the director work together creatively? A discussion from the editor’s perspective with real-life examples.

16.00-17.30  Drama Series: Big Ideas Small Screen
** There will be simultaneous translation.

Speakers: Berkun Oya (Scriptwriter), Ece Yörenç (Scriptwriter), Birol Güven (Scriptwriter), Eilon Ratzkovsky (Head of TFL Extended /TorinoFilmLab), Soni Jorgensen (Scriptwriter, Consultant)

Moderator: Yamaç Okur (Producer / Ay Yapım)

The creators of indispensable heroes and stories will share their writing and the creative process.

All talks are free of charge.

For further information

T: +90 212 334 08 37
Yapı Kredi Kültür Sanat İstiklal Cad. No: 161 Beyoğlu T: +90 212 252 47 00
Soho House Evliya Çelebi Mah. Meşrutiyet Cad. No: 56 Beyoğlu T: +90 212 377 71 00
Cezayir Restoran Hayriye Cad. No: 12 Galatasaray Beyoğlu T: +90 212 245 99 80


Aiming to offer a support for films in post-production from Turkey, Work in Progress in its seventh year, presented a selection of films in post-production on 12 and 13 April to international distributors, sales agents festival, fund representatives and broadcasters.
5 fiction and 1 documentary films in post-production are selected among the applications for Work in Progress this year. The directors and producers of the selected films presented their films to the international film professionals.

Films selected for Work in Progress:

  • Come Rain Or Shine, Director: Zeynep Güzel, Producers: Selin Murat, Zeynep Güzel
  • Evimizin Arka Bahçesi, Director: Teymûr Evdikê, Producer: Mehmet Kamîk
  • Güvercin Hırsızları, Director: Osman Doğan, Producer: Sinan Sertel, Turgay Şahin – Fanus-u Hayal
  • İçerdekiler, Director: Hüseyin Karabey, Producers: Hüsayin Karabey – Asi Film, Caner Cindoruk, Gizem Erman Soysaldı
  • Saf, Director: Ali Vatansever, Producer: Selin Vatansever Tezcan – Terminal Film , Co-producers: Harry Flöter, Jörg Siepmann – 2 Pilots Film , Anamaria Antoci – 4 Proof Film
  • Son Çıkış, Director: Ramin Matin, Producers: Emine Yıldırım, Oğuz Kaynak – Giyotin Film

Work in Progress presentations, jury screenings and meetings took place on 12-13 April and the award ceremony hosted by l’Institut Français Istanbul took place on Tuesday, 13 April. 

The Work in Progress jury members Kerri Craddock ((Toronto International Film Festival), Meinolf Zurhorst (ZDF) and Ioanna Stais (Heretic Outreach) has decided on the award winning films after watching the films at the private screenings and the meetings held with the filmmakers.

Color Up Award that covers the expenses of online editing and colour grading and Daire Creative Key Art Design Award is presented to the director Ali Vatansever and producer Selin Tezcan Vatansever of the film Saf Arda Aktaş and Eren Erdem, the co-founders of Daire Creative.

The Başka Sinema Award was presented to director Osman Doğan and producers Sinan Sertel and Turgay Şahin of the film Güvercin Hırsızları / The Pigeon Thieves by Azize Tan, the director of Başka Sinema.

Paz Digital Communication Award was presented to the director Ramin Matin and the producer Emine Yıldırım of the film Son Çıkış / Siren’s Call by the founder of Paz Film Agency İmre Tezel.

Meetings on the Bridge has launched Neighbours Platform in 2015 in order to initiate new collaborations and enhance communication between filmmakers from Turkey and its neighbouring countries. Selected through methods of scouting and interviewing from the neighbouring countries, the filmmakers had a pitching training, followed by one-to-one meetings with international film professionals.

Neighbours Platform took place on 12-13 April this year.

5 feature film projects have been selected from neighbouring countries such as Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iran, and Syria to Meetings on the Bridge Neighbours Platform’s 2018 edition.

Projects selected for Neighbours Platform:

  • Azerbaijan / Clouds On Leashes, Director: Gunel Eva, Producer: Maria Ibrahimova – Cinex Productions
  • Georgia / The Empty House, Director: Rati Tsiteladze, Producers: Rati Tsiteladze, Nino Varsimashvili – Artway Film
  • Iran / Siyah Sefid, Director: Sohail Afiat, Producers: Arto Sebastian, Karoline Henkel – Wood Water Films, Co-producer: Zeynep Köprülü – Periferi Film
  • Iran / Pas Farda, Director: Hamed Rajabi, Producer: Etienne de Ricaud - Caractères Productions
  • Syria / Le Retour, Director: Meyar Al Roumi, Producer: Xavier Rocher - La Fabrica Nocturna Productions

Directors and producers of the selected films attended meetings with international film professionals from Europe and the rest of the world, exchanged ideas on their projects and took the first steps for future collaborations.

Film Development Workshop and Neighbours Platform jury members Vincenzo Bugno (Berlinale / World Cinema Fund), Rickard Olsson (Picture Tree International), Zsuzsanna Kiraly (Komplizen Film), Teresa Hoefert de Turegano (Medienboard Berlin Brandenburg) and Giovanni Robbiano (MFI) decided on the award winning teams after the project presentations.

Awards were presented at the closing ceremony taking place on 13 April at l’Institut Français Istanbul.

Postbıyık Sound Post-production Award which was presented for the first time this year at Meetings on the Bridge was received by the director Rati Tsiteladze and producer Nino Varsimashvili of project The Empty House.

Meetings on the Bridge (MoB) is the international co-production and networking platform organized within the scope of the İstanbul International Film Festival. The 13th edition of MoB took place on 11-14 April.

This year 11 fiction and one documentary feature film projects have been selected among 98 submissions to Film Development Workshop.

Among the participants of this year’s selection are; Fikret Reyhan, the winner of Golden Tulip Best Film Award at 36th Istanbul Film Festival with his debut film Yellow Heat; Burak Çevik, whose debut film The Pillar of Salt will be premiering at Berlinale Forum this year; Gürcan Keltek, the director Meteors the documentary which premiered in Locarno Film Festival; Senem Tüzen whose first film Motherland premiered in 72th Venice Film Festival and Ercan Kesal, an established writer, scriptwriter, and actor.

Projects selected for Film Development Workshop:

  • A Day or Part of a Day (dir. Burak Çevik, prod. Selman Nacar - Fol Film)
  • A Journey (dir. Fikret Reyhan, prod. Nizamettin Reyhan)
  • Direct Sale (dir. Abdurrahman Öner, prod. Arzu Şenses Öner - Buhar Film Production)
  • Far From Himself (dir. Yunus Ozan Korkut, prod. Okan Üzey, Suzan Güverte - Kalavara Film)
  • Glasgow (dir. Sinan Kesova, prod. Yoel Meranda - Kamara Film)
  • Hopefully Candidate (dir. Ercan Kesal, prod. Kerem Çatay- Ay Yapım, Ercan Kesal - Poyraz Film)
  • My Brother's Army (dir. Senem Tüzen, prod. Adam Isenberg - Zela Film)
  • Everything In It’s Right Place (dir. Berrak Çolak, prod. Engin Palabıyık - Harikulade Film)
  • New Dawn Fades (dir. Gürcan Keltek, prod. Arda Çiltepe, Marc Van Goethem - 29P FILMS)
  • Normal (dir. Ali Kemal Çınar, prod. Sinan Yusufoğlu)
  • Penny Bank (dir. Ferit Karol, prod. Nefes Polat)
  • The List of Those Who Love Me (dir. Emre Erdoğdu, prod. Emine İzmir, Zeynep Koray; co-prod. Hazar Ergüçlü - Rementad)

The selected filmmakers made the first presentations of their new film projects at Film Development Workshop on April 12th and 13th. Directors and producers of the selected films attended more than 205 meetings with 95 international cinema professionals from Europe and the rest of the world and took the first steps for future collaborations.

Film Development Workshop jury members Vincenzo Bugno (Berlinale / World Cinema Fund), Rickard Olsson (Picture Tree International), Zsuzsanna Kiraly (Komplizen Film), Teresa Hoefert de Turegano (Medienboard Berlin Brandenburg) and Giovanni Robbiano (MFI) decided on the award winning teams after the project presentations.

The projects and films that received the Meetings on the Bridge awards were announced at a reception hosted by l’Institut Français Istanbul on Tuesday, 13 April.

The director Ali Kemal Çınar, the producer Sinan Yusufoğlu and the co-producer Nesra Gürbüz of the project Normal received the 30.000 TL Meetings on the Bridge Award from Gülin Üstün.

The Film Development Workshop and the Neighbours Platform projects were all eligible for the 8000 Euro CNC Award. The award was presented to Gürcan Keltek the director and Arda Çiltepe, the producer of the project Yeni Şafak Solarken / New Dawn Fades by Christophe Pécot, Regional Audiovisual Attaché for the French Embassy in Turkey.

Melodika Sound Award was presented to Emre Erdoğdu, the director and Zeynep Koray and Emine İzmir, the producers of the project Beni Sevenler Listesi / The List of Those Who Love Me by Didem Oğuz, Taylan Oğuz, the co-founders of Melodika.

The producer Selman Nacar and the director Burak Çevik of the project Bir Gün ya da Günün Bir Parçası / A Day Or Part Of A Day received the GeniusPark Special Effects Award from Sema Duran, the VFX Executive Producer in GeniusPark.

The Mediterranean Film Institute (MFI) Script and Development Workshop Award was presented to the producer Adam Isenberg for their project My Brother’s Army.

The Transilvania Pitch Stop Award was given to Engin Palabıyık the producer and Berrak Çolak, the director of the project Paşa Gönlüm İstedi Kayboldum Everything In Its Right Place.

The content of this publication, supported by the Istanbul Development Agency and prepared within the scope of Innovative Workshops and Improving the Creativity and Commercial Success Capacities of National Film Industry Actors Project, does not reflect the views of Istanbul Development Agency or Development Ministry and Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts is the only party responsible for the content.