Series on the Bridge workshop selection of the Meetings on the Bridge, which will be held on April 12-13-14 as a part of the 42nd Istanbul Film Festival, is announced. 

Meetings on the Bridge, supported by Anadolu Efes, continues to bring producers, directors and screenwriters from Turkey and neighboring countries together with international film professionals. Series on the Bridge, sponsored by OGM Pictures, will feature 4 TV series projects. The writers, directors and producers of 4 selected projects will have one-to-one meetings with international series and television professionals (producers, distributors, festival or fund managers, TV channel and digital platform representatives) in order to develop the production and international co-production potentials of TV series. 

Trainings within the scope of the workshop will be held to develop selected projects. A project to be selected at the end of the workshop will be entitled to receive the OGM Pictures Special Award amounting to 50,000 TL. 

Ordinary Things (Director: Seda Kaçak, Umut Şilan Oğurlu, Producer: Metin Anter, Serdegül Erdoğan, Writer: Seda Kaçak, Umut Şilan Oğurlu)
Sipahi Ranch Incident (Director: Ege Göksu, Produces: Furkan Çelik, Writer: Ege Göksu)
Something's Missing (Director: Efe Öztezdoğan, İpek Kent, Producer: Aslıhan Altuğ, Writer: Efe Öztezdoğan, İpek Kent)
Magik Carpet Ride (Director: Ali Demirel, İpek Ural Demirel, Producer: Özge Göksel, Writer: Ali Demirel, İpek Ural Demirel)

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